ABC | MONZA 2019

ABC | MONZA 2019 - Open International Architectural ideas competition with BIM(€ 20K Prizes)

                 Registration Deadline:  Friday, Oct 4, 201912 PM

   Submission Deadline:   Monday, Nov 4, 201912 PM

The competition in brief

ABC | Monza 2019 is an international architectural ideas competition in the time of Digital Transformation. The theme of the competition is the urban regeneration of an industrial site of approximately 60,000 square meters in the city of Monza - Italy in accordance with the values of environmental, economic and social sustainability. The characterizing element of this competition is the use of BIM (Building Information Modeling).


Via Philips 12 in Monza - Lombardy - Italy, north of the Greater Milan and close to what in the coming years will become the Campania stop of Line 5 of the Milan underground 

What to design

Few constraints and great creative freedom are the cornerstones of this competition. This is because we expect the competitors to give their best by designing and developing, within the limits of a competition of ideas, a proposal that amazes. An innovative proposal, perhaps unconventional or even "foolish" in the Steve Jobs's favored meaning of instinctive, passionate and unconstrained by dogmas and preconceptions. A proposal that could be a building, more buildings or even no building. Perhaps a place of aggregation for leisure or for work or perhaps a less probable place of retreat and meditation. A dreams or a start-ups incubator or a Chocolate Factory. But the important point is that it is sustainable while it is being built as it must be in the time that will come. And finally, it is called to bring value, in the broader term of the word, to the neighborhood around it.

Who can participate

The competition allows the participation of students and professionals from any Country. In the case of individual participation, only young people under 35 are admitted. In the case of group participation, the team representative must be a young person under 35 while there are no constraints for the other team members.


The prize pool of Euro 20,000 is divided as follows:

  • For the proposal with the best approach to Architecture prize of Euro 10,000

  • For the proposal with the best approach to Sustainability, a prize Euro 5,000

  • For the proposal with the best approach to BIM a prize of Euro 5,000

 There are also 3 honorable mentions for each category 


  • a 3D digital "BIM" model in IFC format with the design and landscape of the proposal

  • two ISO A1 tables in pdf format with plans, elevations, images of the project, etc.

  • a pdf report explaining the proposal and how the proposal's environmental, economic and social sustainability themes are addressed

  • a representative image that can be used as a symbol of the proposal


  • from 25 June to 31 July 2019               Early bird fee:   Euro 75

  • from 1 August to 15 Sept. 2019           Regular fee:    Euro 100

  • from 16 Sept. to 4 Oct. 2019                Late bird fee:  Euro 150

  • from 5 October on                               registration is no more allowed!

What software should I use

Few constraints and great freedom even for this aspect. We decided to use the IFC format for delivery because it is effectively independent from the software used to create the model. So you can design, plan, do calculations and simulations with any software that is BIM-capable, which means most of those that are in the world of architecture / construction. On the BuildingSMART website you can find, for example, a list of certified SWs. Few are free but many have favorable academic or educational licenses. The only constraint, as we said, is that the file that will contain the 3D model of the proposal must be an IFC file. So your program will have to know how to create it directly or you will have to use an "interpreter" software that will take care of this aspect.