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MEP engineers can design complex building systems more efficiently with BIM. By coordinating projects more effectively with 3D modelling, MEP engineers can reduce conflicts, optimize designs, and minimize costs.

Coordinating the mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) disciplines during construction can involve significant challenges. To enable them practice in synchronization in a project requires the successful coordination of different professionals working on a project.

Traditionally, MEP design layouts have often run into several drafts as spatial and functional interferences (clashes) gradually tackled. However, Building Information Modelling can help to improve MEP coordination by addressing various potential design issues. 

Changes in traditional design must be manually included into the project documentation that results in the possibility of human error. With a centralised BIM model, all changes are instantly available to collaborators.

Within BIM4TURKEY, the MEP group will discuss and justify the use of BIM through evidence-based arguments, share best practices and foster education for capacity building amongst the MEP engineers and companies.